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HELPING WOMEN to understand, manage AND NAVIGATE the physical effects of pregnancy and birth

We are a multidisciplinary team of women working hard to bring awareness of pelvic floor dysfunction into the mainstream. We are passionate about making exercise accessible to women of all ages in order to address the rising levels of physical inactivity in the UK and across the world. At the heart of this campaign is our shared belief that every woman deserves standardised care and evidence-based information to understand, manage and navigate the physical effects of pregnancy and birth.

In order to support women to be more physically active our broad objectives are to:

  • Raise awareness of perinatal pelvic floor dysfunction. We want all women and all professionals (health care and fitness) working with this population to understand the physiological changes that happen during pregnancy; the postnatal process of healing; red flags for dysfunction; and where women can get help.

  • Smash the stigma around perinatal pelvic floor dysfunction. We want to start conversations around this topic so that women feel confident to seek help for any symptoms they are experiencing.

  • Empower women to manage pelvic floor dysfunction. We want to equip women with tools and strategies to manage their dysfunction confidently and autonomously so that they can enjoy their physical activity of choice without fear.

  • Carry out research and collobrate with government bodies. We want to explore a case for change in the current model of care through the collection of epidemiological and experiential data. Working with the Department of Health, Public Health England and NHS England we plan to reshape the care model, where appropriate.