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Elizabeth Davies, personal trainer 


Elizabeth is a personal trainer serving female clients throughout west and south-west London. She is a career-changer, having originally practised as a barrister for 12 years. She has two children; both deliveries were vaginal and straightforward. When Elizabeth finally regained her fitness mojo and returned to HIIT/Circuits style classes at the gym, around 18 months postnatally with her second child, she was mortified to realise that she had wet herself during the skipping rope station. In that gym environment, Elizabeth did not have the confidence to tell the fitness instructor leading the class what had happened, or to ask how to fix it. Elizabeth’s subsequent realisation of how the postnatal population in the UK was underserved by mainstream fitness was pivotal in her decision to leave her career in law and to retrain. Elizabeth is passionate about working alongside women’s health physios to help women to get back to the activities they love, as well as empowering them to perhaps try something new. Elizabeth is currently pregnant with her third child.


Dr Amal Hassan, Sports & Exercise Medicine Registrar


Amal is a Sports & Exercise Medicine Physician working in London, UK. She has a Masters degree in SEM, which focussed her subspecialty interests on female athletic health. Before having her first baby in December 2016, Amal was a spin-cycle instructor at the London studio Psycle London, but a challenging pregnancy, an instrumental delivery, and the subsequent physical difficulties she had to navigate upon her return to activity meant she pulled away from the FitPro world. Her experience of accessing postnatal women’s health physiotherapy in the private sector led her to question the state of postnatal pelvic healthcare in the UK, especially given her expectations to remain fit and active, and she began to reflect on how a population of postnatal women in the UK could be expected to meet the national physical activity guidelines without the proper information and support. 

Helen Keeble, Physiotherapist, Specialist in Lumbo-Pelvic Health & Female Return to Exercise



Helen is a chartered physiotherapist specialising in all things pelvic health. Helen loves her job empowering women. Her passion for this field of healthcare began back in 2008, and she's been hooked ever since! Helen started her career in a prestigious North London teaching hospital and gradually went on to private practise based in South-West London. Helen currently enjoys dividing her time between heading the pelvic health team at the reputable Blackrock Clinic in Dublin, leading her own physiotherapy team in South-West London, tutoring post-graduate courses in pelvic health around the UK and providing public focused evening workshops. Helen has years of experience in diagnosing and treating any musculoskeletal, pelvic, abdominal, lower back, gynaecological, ante/post-natal or rectal conditions. Helen has always been committed to improving the level of care for women's health within sport, also being chosen as one of the official olympic physiotherapists London 2012 for track & field. Helen has always enjoyed exercise herself too; starting life as a gymnast, moving onto long distance running getting up to marathon distance and has since settled on focussing her efforts to Crossfit. Helen is also a Crossfit level one certified trainer.