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People often feel awkward talking about their  struggles with pelvic floor dysfunction, so it can end up being hushed up, laughed off or swept under the carpet. Women suffer in silence. The cycle of stigma continues.


This campaign won’t have legs without your voices. We would like to hear your stories of pelvic floor dysfunction and, with your permission, to share them. If you'd like to contribute your story, please have a read of the guidance below, and email your submission over to us.

  • Due to the very personal nature of each individual story, we do not wish to give stringent criteria on what to include. We do kindly ask, though, that you limit your submission to 1,500 words.

  • When you provide us with your submission, please state clearly whether you do or do not consent to: us publishing it, or an extract from it, across our website and social media channels; your identity being disclosed when we publish it; and us using it as we deem appropriate at other stages of our campaign.

  • Please provide a photo at the time of submitting your story if you want us to use something in particular, otherwise we will use our discretion to pick a suitable image to accompany it.

  • We will always aim to publish your submissions without editing. We may need to edit your submission, however, where: it is necessary to protect another party’s identity; it exceeds our word limit; and/or it contains content which we feel may be considered offensive and/or inappropriate.